What Causes Drywall Damage?

Drywall is a part of many of our homes. It is also a common source for the need to repair. If you’ve experienced drywall damage, you may want to know what has caused the damage. The truth is, many things may cause these problems.

Furniture Scuffs

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Moving furniture around is something that tends to happen whether or not we men do as it shifts across floors, kids jump around, etc. This often leads to scuffs on the drywall that can really cause a sight for sore eyes in the home.

Water Damage

Water damage is another big cause of drywall damage. If you have leaking pipes in the home, expect major straining on the drywall to occur. Keep in mind that water damage also leads to mold and mildew damage and other problems so get fast drywall repair binghamton to avoid this problem.


Specifically, termites damage drywall. These tiny wings pest infest homes and cause massive damage in the process. It is important to call to get a fast repair to avoid any type of termite & pest infestation or damage.


All things can last only so long before they begin to wear and tear and show the signs of use. Sometimes it is nothing more than the age of the drywall that causes damage. If you notice that the drywall is cracking or has other types of damage, it could very well be due to the age of the drywall.

Final Word

The problems above are some of the major causes of drywall repair that may occur in your home. It happens to so many homeowners and is among the most common repairs that homeowners endure. You can easily repair the damage yourself or get a handyman on the job to make the repairs.