Planning The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Getting away for a few days is a great way to relax and see the world on a shoestring budget and in micro-time.  For most people going to an Air B n B or other rental property is much better than going to a hotel, however for the more athletic or unique seekers asheville nc golf resorts are becoming very popular.


Golf Resorts are becoming very popular for events – weddings, reunions and other large gatherings.  When looking at having your event at a golf resort you can have a lot of different options.  You can have a ballroom where all of your guests can come to enjoy your event, can have outdoor venues with room for pictures and other activities and much more. 


At golf resorts you can spend several days in private accommodations.  In some locations you can have a large hotel or collection of rooms for you and your groups.  For more intimate gatherings you can have private rooms or buildings for you and your guests.

Specific clientele

Another great feature of a resort is that they will only take on a specific level of clientele.  This means age rage, monetary status and more.  When working with this level of guests you don’t have to worry about teenagers blaring musing all night long, a lot of drunk kids or even young children running around and causing issues.

asheville nc golf resorts

For many a golf resort is more than just going to play golf.  It is an entire experience from eating dinner, spending a night or weekend away, hosting an event or any combination.  For those looking for this type of experience considering a golf resort is a great option.


Finally, if you are going to plan something, consider planning a few weeks or months ahead.  Making reservations is going to be one of the main ways to attend a resort.  Book as soon as you know when your dates are since most locations will book quickly.